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the ordinary in an extraordinary way"

Learning Photography 

inspire me photography program

Inspire Me Photography's program is designed to give the opportunity for photography enthusiasts to improve their photography skills, to enjoy more time with their camera and to be inspired

You will understand more about your camera settings to feel more confident to use your camera in any situation. You will also improve your creative composition. It is really important to balance the two areas (technique + creativity) to capture great photos.

You will learn how to see everything around you in a different way to start taking photos of the ordinary in an extraordinary way.

Basic Digital


Any camera, any skills.

You will learn about your camera's settings and composition rules, to start taking better photos.

Learn and understand Manual Settings to use your camera's full potential. 

The Art of

Black & White

Learn how to see in Black & White to capture powerful images with contrast and emotion.



Learn more about your camera and accessories to make your photography easier, enjoyable and have great results while travelling.

Organise your life photos in a computer, scan old slides and negatives to create a Photo Book with your Life Story.

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Your instructor

Viviana Diaz

Bachelor of Communication

Certificate of Photography

Certificate in Training and assessment

I'm passionate about photography, I truly enjoy inspiring people learning about their camera in an easy, practical way. You can take amazing photos with any camera if your learn how to see the world around you.


 I have designed a creative Photography Program open to everyone who enjoys taking photos, no matter the camera they use. You will discover that the camera is just a tool that allows you to see things with a different perspective, it's not what you see, it's the way you see it. 

Classes are small to provide one on one opportunities and lots of practice.

  We offer day, night and weekend photo opportunities to accommodate all timetables.

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