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Photography Excursions & Retreats

 The best way to learn photography is by practicing.

We offer a variety of day excursions and weekend retreats to explore and capture the beauty of South Australia. Come join us!

Botanic Gardens

Explore the beauty of nature learning more about your camera settings and composition to take photos in natural light.

All cameras and skills levels are welcome.

Night Photography "City Lights"

Discover the magic of night photography by using long exposure to capture light in a creative way. You will take photos of things that not even your eyes can see.

Manual settings knowledge and tripod are required.

Architectural Photography

Walk with me to discover the city from a different angle. See creatively and use powerful composition guides. You will feel like travelling in your own city.

All cameras and skills levels are welcome.

Adelaide Zoo

A great way to practise your nature photography by exploring Adelaide Zoo in a creative way. Challenge your composition skills and use creative camera settings to achieve outstanding results.

All cameras and skills levels are welcome.

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